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Daily Tip: What to avoid in these times?

To maintain a good healthy body in this current situation one must avoid :

1. Oily and spicy food 2. Avoid sugary foods like mithais and desserts 3. Milk and milk products like cheese, butter and paneer 4. Bakery products like khari and biscuits 5. Fermented foods like Dosa, Uttapam etc instead hv suji based items which is instant. Avoid these foods as they are all acidic in nature and heavy to digest 6. Yoga with meditation, light walks post meal for 20 min in the house ,power yoga or any other calisthenics exercise will definitely help you along with a good diet to boost your immunity

Interested, want to know more? Send an email at: or Call on: +91 9833175562 for professional custom meal plan and alkaline diet recommendations STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY! Hope you liked the tip for today!

-Arohi Shah (Diet and Nutrition Coach)

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