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Daily Tip: How alkaline diet is the perfect remedy for 20 different problems?

Do you know when the acid level in the body rises (Acidosis) it causes problems like : 1. Cardiovascular damage 2. Kidney stones 3. Hormonal problems(Thyroid) 4. Aching and lactic acidosis buildup 5. Fungal overgrowth 6. Tendency to get infections 7. Easily stressed 8. Mouth and stomach ulcers 9. Gastritis 10. Dry skin 11. Weight gain ,obesity and diabetes 12. Premature aging 13. Immune deficiency 14. Chronic fatigue 15. pale complexion 16. Osteoporosis 17. Slow digestion and elimination 18. Headaches 19. Hair fall 20. Leh cramps and spasms

Hence, it is essential to consume at least 70 % of alkaline food in your daily diet!!

Change to an alkaline diet today because it's time for a change!

Want to follow an alkaline diet? Send an email at: or Call on: +91 9833175562 for professional custom meal plan and alkaline diet recommendations. STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY! Hope you liked the tip for today!

- Arohi Shah (Diet and Nutrition coach)

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